Konichiwa! The Bonfire and Salomon team hit the rails and pow in Japan

Talk to snowboarders about going riding in Japan and everyone always mentions the incredible powder you’ll find in resorts like Niseko. But the Bonfire and Salomon teams also managed to jib some decent urban spots on their recent trip there (of course, they found a ton of untracked pow as well).

This is one of the best videos we’ve seen in a while, mixing comedy with great riding and it takes the time to give you an insight into the country and its people.

It also touches on a serious note, as the crew drive through an area still impacted by the earthquake and tsunami which devastated the country last year. The grounded boats they pass are haunting to say the least.

But on a brighter note, we loved the bit where a waitress downs a pint of beer and we raised our own glass to the rider (it’s hard to tell who it is as they’re buried in the snow) who at one point proclaims, “Almost 40 years old and still snowboarding! Fuck yeah!” Amen to that, brother.

The riders featured are Chris Carr, Louif Paradis, Chris Grenier, Taka Nakai, Scotty Arnold, Teddy Koo, Desiree Melancon, Harrison Gordon, Kohei Kudou, Ryuichi Kabeta, and Rio Tahara.

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