How Nike built a boardpark for their Chosen comp

Nike’s Chosen competition comes to a conclusion in the first week of April, and they’ve released a video showing you around the purpose-built boardpark they’ve constructed for the finals. Clue: they’ve used more than a couple of shovels.

We’ve been covering the Chosen comp on No Friends On A Powder Day all winter.

Film crews from all over the world made movies and submitted them to be voted on in the video competition, while amateur riders showed off their skills on the Chosen Series Tourstop events.

Three crews were picked to take part next week in the final in Silvretta Montafon, Austria, where the new park has been built, along with 12 amateur riders who were chosen from the Tourstop events. During the final, the video crews have to come up with a brand new edit in just one week. And every morning new edits of the amateur riders will be on the Nike Chosen site every day for the public to vote on. Keeping up? Good.

So what’s the prize? The chance for the winning crew and the winning amateur rider to live like a Nike pro for a year, and hang out with the likes of Nicolas Müller, Gigi Ruff, Scotty Lago and Spencer O’Brien. They’re all turning up for the week in Austria as well and will go riding with the amateurs. They also have a say in who is named The Chosen.

The park’s makers used 27 shapers and spent 7,000 hours throughout the season to create what they’re calling a ‘next level’ park complete with wall rides, street rails, huge hits, a skate inspired bowl and more. The massive 80ft Nike Swoosh kicker, pictured above, is particularly impressive.

You can meet the crews and riders by clicking here.

Nike’s brand new park

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