Snowboarding and cliffs don’t mix: a reminder to be careful out there

This is one of those videos that will leave you with a bit of a funny feeling in your stomach. A snowboarder riding off-piste in France falls of a cliff. Of course, this… Continue reading

Highlights from this year’s Burton US Open

In case you missed this year’s event in Vail, here is a neat six-minute video featuring the likes of Jamie Anderson, Brooke Voight, Spencer O’Brien and halfpipe runs from Shaun White and Ayumu… Continue reading

The Harlem Shake has reached the mountains

It didn’t take long for the world’s snowboarding community to get involved in the latest internet craze sweeping the planet: the Harlem Shake! Harlem Shakes

A stick for beginners that comes with a brake

This piece of kit is called Boarder Kontrol. It’s a snowboard with a brake built in to the front which helps you control your speed. There’s a leash at the other end of… Continue reading

A sneak peak at the British snowboard slopestyle team

The Brits are producing some decent riders these days, such as Aimee Fuller, Billy Morgan and Jamie Nicholls. Here’s Ed Leigh, BBC TV Ski Sunday presenter, meeting them in Laax, Switzerland. Brit style

Gigi kills it at the Red Bull Ultra Natural

Here’s Austrian legend Gigi Rüf tearing it up at this year’s Red Bull Ultra Natural (last year it was called Supernatural). The contest, of course, is the brainwave of Travis Rice, who won… Continue reading

Fancy having a go on a glass snowboard?

Yep, it’s more incredible creativity from Signal Snowboards’ Every Third Thursday webisodes. This time, they’re in Italy making a stick made of glass! See more of their videos here!

Snowboarder plays his guitar while out riding

This fella is called Paul Cheese. He likes to write songs and go riding. Here’s a video of him playing a song he’d written while riding down a hill in Austria. This is… Continue reading

Nike celebrate South America launch with Müller, Rüf and Kass shred session in Chile

Here’s Nicolas Müller, Gigi Rüf, Danny Kass and local rider Manuel Diaz helping Nike celebrate their launch in South America, by going heli-boarding and shredding in a ton of pow in Valle Nevado,… Continue reading

Ridiculous amount of pow in this video from Rome Snowboards

Rome Snowboards are releasing a new movie every month as part of their 12 Months series and this is episode two! The amount of pow will have you drooling! Each episode will be… Continue reading

Got some loose change down the back of your sofa? Give it to the Signal team…

“See a penny pick it up, and all day you’ll have good luck,” goes the old saying. But the team at Signal, have a better idea: they pick them up and turn them… Continue reading

Bluebird adventures in Whistler with Jussi Oksanen and Jeremy Jones

Here’s a nice edit from Burton Snowboards featuring Jussi Oksanen, Mikey Rencz and Jeremy Jones shredding on a bluebird day in Whistler last winter. Whistler bluebird skies

Great riding but terrible driving in this clip from Red Bull’s Shr3d 2013

Here’s a video of Kuba Wolak, Michal Surdej, and Wotek Pawlusiak riding for Red Bull at Kitzsteinhorn in Salzburg, Austria. It’s part of their Shr3d 2013 tour, where snowboard pros Marc Swoboda (Austria),… Continue reading

Winter X Games Highlights! Shaun White winning as per usual, and much more

Here’s a selection of highlights from this year’s Winter X Games, which have been taking place in Aspen the past few days, including Shaun White winning the Superpipe for the SIXTH time in… Continue reading

What exercises should you do before you go riding?

Most riders we know are the kind of folk who only get away to the mountains two or three weeks a year. And most people we know don’t bother getting into shape before… Continue reading

Feel good story of the day: soldier who lost leg in Afghanistan learns to ride

Meet Travis Bodkin. He lost his right leg above the knee when he kneeled down on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan last year. Now’s he’s learning to ride. Infact, he’d never been… Continue reading

From a tree to a stick: how Shaun White’s snowboard is made

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but snowboards do, including Burton sticks ridden by Shaun White. Here’s a three-minute video from GoPro showing how they go from being stumps of wood in the forest,… Continue reading

How many basketball hoops could you shoot while flying off a kicker?

Protest riders Aymeric Tonin and Ruben Verges are back for season two of the Dutch clothing label’s Jokers webisodes. The rules are simple. Each rider draws a card to choose a snowboarding-based challenge.… Continue reading

This snowboarder is no dummy (although he likes sucking on one when riding the hill)

We’ve featured babies being pulled along on sticks by overly keen dads before, but this is the first time we’ve featured a nipper under two years old actually shredding under their own power.… Continue reading

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a video of Santa snowboarding

Yes, it happens every year and we’ve all seen people dressed as Father Christmas shredding, so now the 25th has been and gone, videos are cropping up of large men in red coats… Continue reading

Flash new Mercedes pulls rider through a ton of fresh powder

So we’re guessing the good folk at Mercedes want us to be impressed with their new C350 4MATIC Coupe, which granted, does pull American pro rider Rob Kingwill (he rides for Compatriot Snowboards)… Continue reading

Riders go for a kickabout

The beautiful game meets the most beautiful of winter sports in this neat video from YouTube football (or ‘soccer’ for our American and Canadian readers) channel Copa90. It features rising Brit shredders Jamie… Continue reading

The painful memories of a snowboarder’s first attempt at riding a T-bar lift

Everyone remembers their first T-bar of button lift on a snowboard. The awkwardness. Feeling that your body is in a really unnatural position. Wondering if that bar is going to slip and stop… Continue reading

A lego man goes shredding

Here’s a cute film by a fella called FilmsByDan from Plastic Planet Productions of a Lego man shredding. He rides park better than we do, to be fair. Go Lego

It’s been a while since we featured some spectacular bails and fails…

…So here’s a small selection. Yes, we’re not sure laughing and wincing at those who are much braver than us on snowboards is the best use of our time, but here it is… Continue reading

ThirtyTwo riders, pow and rails in Washington

There’s nothing more likely to get you ready for some riding than watching some lucky sods already out there shredding loads of pow while you sit at home watching videos (although don’t stop… Continue reading

Danny Davis builds a very special boardpark

Burton rider Danny Davis teamed up with Mountain Dew to build a very unique halfpipe. Using skate scene and urban jibbing influences, this one isn’t just about dropping in. There’s rails and obstacles… Continue reading

A bit more Dew Tour action. Shaun White winning again, naturally, and more

He was on crutches in August after surgery. And he only got back on his board six days ago. But it didn’t take Shaun White long to get back to winning ways. Here’s… Continue reading

Here’s an ace street jibbing session from Nike and the Dew Tour

American rider Eric Beauchemin was one of several to take part in the Dew Tour‘s Nike Snowboard Streetstyle competition in downtown Breckenridge recently, where all sorts of obstacles including cars were overcome. Nike… Continue reading

Signal’s solar powered snowboard is awesome

It’s only fitting that after a few weeks off from updating this site due to family commitments, the first story on our return is from Signal Snowboards’ Every Third Thursday web series, which… Continue reading

What’s it like to go riding in Africa?

Where’s the strangest place you’ve gone riding? For us it’d be Dubai (more on that trip later this week), but for Slovenian rider Aljosa Krivec it’s the African resort of Lesotho. We’ll admit… Continue reading

adidas announces new team line-up

Plenty of riders get all snooty about a big brand like Nike being involved in snowboarding. Now they get to grumble some more, as adidas have announced the pros they’ve signed up for… Continue reading

Winter’s over, so Shaun White’s out skating and filming commercials

Yes, it’s pretty common knowledge that Mr White is quite a decent skateboarder as well as a snowboarder and here he is riding for the second time after the end of the winter… Continue reading

Behind the scenes at Red Bull’s New Zealand Camp

Eero Ettala, Mark McMorris, Pat Moore, Louie Vito and Iouri Podladtchikov were just five of the big names in snowboarding who took part in Red Bull’s recent camp in New Zealand. Fans of… Continue reading

Danny Kass goes riding for Nike in Chile

It must be great being a pro snowboarder. They seem to get an unlimited supply of helicopters to help them seek out some of the most amazing conditions on the planet. And here’s… Continue reading

The Reels Snowboarding Film Festival trailer released

Hollywood and its movie makers have the Cannes and Sundance festivals, now snowboarding has The Reels. All the big guns in the industry will be previewing their new movies at the event in… Continue reading

Summer shredding with JP Walker, Jeremy Jones and Simon Chamberlain…

With a bit of dodgeball thrown in for good measure. And skateboarding. And cliff diving. Snowboarding legends JP Walker, Jeremy Jones and Simon Chamberlain certainly have more fun in the summer than we… Continue reading

Fancy having a go on this snowboard simulator?

Here’s a neat bit of tech from a company called Sky Tech Sport. It’s a simulator for skiers and snowboarders. You stand on a moving platform in front of a big screen and… Continue reading

Behind the scenes with Absinthe Films

We’ve banged on before about how much we love Absinthe Films’ work (our favourite snowboarding film of all time is Optimistic?). And here’s a film about the making of their latest movie Resonance,… Continue reading

Gigi Ruf introduces you to his new line of snowboards

Here’s Austrian rider Gigi Ruf talking about his new line snowboard brand called Slash. They’re actually made by Nidecker and you can read an interview about the brand here. The boards look pretty… Continue reading

Lib Tech holds Slalom racing down Heavenly’s Gun Barrel Run

Here’s a nice little edit of some slalom racing in Heavenly, USA, set up by Lib Tech. Prizes included paid airfare to the USA and entry into the legendary Mt Baker Banked Slalom.… Continue reading

It’s a Shootout! Vote for your favourite riders and brands over at Transworld Snowboarding

American magazine Transworld Snowboarding are holding a cool competition right now called Shoutout. No, they’re not expecting a load of riders to start mowing each other down with guns, instead they got riders… Continue reading

It’s another ‘shit people say’ video! This time from snowboard camp

We’ve featured the various shit snowboarders say videos before and this one from boot makers ThirtyTwo takes it to the next logical level: snowboard camp. Shit snowboarders say

If you gave a load of riders a day to design new boards, what would they come up with?

It’s sad times when you realise you’re watching the last Every Third Thursday video from Signal Snowboards for the season. We’ve been featuring them all year (click here for highlights of some of… Continue reading

Snowboarder goes out riding with a hula hoop

Here’s a snowboarder in New Zealand riding down a slope while slinging around a hula hoop. It’s the one thing we always forget to take out with us when we go shredding. Although… Continue reading

That’s a load of Junkyard! Swedish snowboarders release new movie

Here’s video from a Swedish crew who go by the name of Junkyard, which was shot in Norway. There’s as much of an emphasis on larking about in this one as there is… Continue reading

Want to improve your riding? Jussi Oksanen shows you five exercises which can help

There’s a common misconception that pro riders just hang around in the mountains all the time, drop into the park a few times and are just naturally good at doing all those insane… Continue reading

European tour dates for Absinthe’s new movie Resonance announced

We’ve made no secret of our love for snowboarding movie makers Absinthe on this website and here’s some news about their new flick Resonance, out later this year. They’re going to be showing… Continue reading

Wooden ramp fail: you can guess what happens next

We like to think snowboarders are quite a bright bunch, but not this fella. It doesn’t take long for him to get into a pickle riding down his carefully-built ramp. Whoops

Here’s one way to get used to jumping off big kickers: launch yourself into a lake

Well this is one way to make sure you don’t roll down a kicker like a ragdoll. Welcome to Training Days with the Summit Snowboard Squad in the Czech Republic. The location? Big… Continue reading